Dutchess Rail Trail
Harlem Valley Rail Trail

Connecting Dutchess County

The Dutchess Rail Trail

Welcome to our website. We are proponents of the Rail Trails and the Walkway in Dutchess County bridging into Ulster County. Our goal is to connect outdoor advocates and local businesses to help further the expansion of business and outdoor activities in our county and beyond.

How to use this website

To use our website, along the top menu links you will see dc map (Dutchess County Map, ww map (Walkway Map), drt map (Dutchess Rail Trail Map) and hvrt map (Harlem Valley Rail Trail Map). These links show maps around the county for Rail Trails and all of Dutchess County. Click on any link to access the corresponding map. On these maps are blue outlined squares that when clicked on bring up businesses for these areas. Browse our site and visit our advertisers and let them know you saw them on the Dutchess Rail Trail Website.

Walkway attracts outside visitors

We have a unique area we live in that draws visitors from other areas to ours. Our Walkway is unique in that the Walkways nonprofit organization says it is known to be the longest pedestrian bridge in the world.

If you don't live here and have not walked the bridge, you are missing out on the fantastic views of the beautiful Hudson River from the Walkways vantage point. So come join us in Dutchess County for a truly unique experience.

Above on the right are live Links to other Rail Trails, Walkways, Bike Paths in the eastern part of New York State. If you know of any not found here, please submit them to us.